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Emily Brown


I started creating jewelry over eight years ago. I have always loved jewelry and creating - taking raw materials, turning them into something beautiful, then being able to wear it as a symbol of an event or loved one. Something to have with you all day long.

EAU was created in 2013, six months after my first child was born. I was inspired not just to create but for it to mean something. Our church at the time was very proactive in giving to clean water and building water pumps in underdeveloped countries. I had learned about mothers losing their children simply because they didn't have clean water. This was something that spoke to my heart as a new mom. 

EAU is french for water, and I felt like it was the perfect name for jewelry that would give to that effort - to provide clean water to those who don't have it. After a great start and great support, I was able to give to more than just clean water. I sponsored a Compassion International child, supported local adoptions and donated to children's hospitals. Now, with this jewelry, I am eager to find new ways to give back. 

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